Volume One
Alphabetical List of Entries xv
Introduction: The American Dream and the ­Middle Class xxi
Prologue: A Portrait of the ­ Middle Class
Essays 3
What Is ­Middle Class in Amer­ i ­ ca? Examining Income and Occupation 3
How Americans View Themselves: The Dilemma of Class Identity 9
The Origins of the ­Middle Class 14
The ­ Future of the American ­Middle Class 19
The Critical Role of Race in Defining the Middle Class 22
Portraits 27
The American Indian ­Middle Class 27
The Asian American ­Middle Class 32
The Black ­Middle Class 38
The Rise of a New Black ­ Middle Class 40
The Hispanic ­Middle Class 45
The LGBT ­ Middle Class 48
The White ­Middle Class 52
Part 1: Economic Uncertainty and the American ­ Middle Class
Overview Essay 57
What Happened to the American Dream? 57
Entries 63
Affordable Care Act and the ­Labor Market 63
American Capitalism in the 21st ­Century 66
Antitrust Policy 68
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