Acknowledgments The experience and insights of many outstanding practitioners in the arts of politics and public management are reflected in this book. Especially helpful were 37 members of Congress whose insights on accountability from the legislative vantage point were enriched by their roles as chairman or ranking minority member on standing committees or subcommittees in the House or Senate. Also of great help were 65 federal career executives who shared their views on the effectiveness of a wide range of methods for holding bureaucracies accountable. Their judgments carry special weight because they had been recognized as distinguished career executives by a president based on nominations by the heads of their agencies and rec- ommendation of a citizen review panel. These legislators and administra- tors shall remain nameless—they are too numerous to list. An enormous contribution in research, editing, and typing for all three editions was made by my wife, Adele, a fellow student of the late Roscoe C. Martin. He was in good part responsible for our love affair—with each other and with public administration. His role must be acknowledged be- cause writing the book in the first instance and revising it was a labor of love.
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