Contents Acknowledgments vii Series Foreword by Edward R. Beauchamp ix Introduction: Newspapers, Public Opinion, and Propaganda 1 1. A Clash of Cultures: The British Press and the Opening of the Great War 15 Adrian Gregory 2. "The Eagle Soars over the Nightingale": Press and Propaganda in France in the Opening Months of the Great War 51 Michael Nolan 3. The Russian Press and the "Internal Peace" at the Beginning of World War I 91 Eric Lohr 4. German Propaganda: The Limits of Gerechtigkeit 115 Troy R. E. Paddock 5. The Empire without Qualities: Austro-Hungarian Newspapers and the Outbreak of War in 1914 161 Andrea Orzojf Closing Observations on Newspapers, Propaganda, and the Great War 199 Index 207 About the Contributors 211
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