LIST OF ENTRIES absolutes (universals, objective principles, moral realism) Adams, John administration of things advantage of the stronger advice to princes Afrocentrism (afrocentricity) Al-Afghani, Sayyid Jamal al-Din Alfarabi (al-Farabi, Abu Nasr al-Farabi) al-Ghazali (Abu-Hamid Muhammad al- Ghazali) alienation allegory of the cave all men and women are created equal all men are created equal all other contentments Althusius, Johannes amor Dei/amor sui amour de soi/amour propre analogy of the jars anarchism antifederalists antifoundationalism anti-Semitism apartheid (separate development) Aquinas, Thomas Arendt, Hannah aristocracy (aristos kratein) Aristotle auctor–See auctoritas auctoritas Augustinus, Aurelius–See Augustine Augustine (Aurelius Augustinus) autarky authoritarianism autocracy Averroes (Ibn Roschd, Ibn Rusch) the ballot or the bullet? Beccaria, Cesare (Marquis of Beccaria- Bonesana) behavioralism bellum omnium contra omnes Bentham, Jeremy Big Brother biopower black power Bodin, Jean bread and peace Buber, Martin Burke, Edmund the butcher, the brewer, or the baker capillary power carceral society Catholic League (Holy League) Catholic social teaching Catholic Worker movement checks and balances Cicero, Marcus Tullius Circle of Power circulation of elites city fit for pigs city upon a hill civil disobedience communism complex equality consequentialism conservatism conspicuous consumption constructivism content of their character conventionalism correspondence theory cost as the limit of price critical theory culture of death Cum potestas in populo auctoritas in senatu sit–See While power resides in the people, authority rests with the Senate decision theory–See game theory democracy
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