Language Rights and Language Discrimination 603 Angelo Ancheta Prisoners 609 Angela E. Oh and Karen Umemoto Racial Violence and Hate Crimes 619 Angelo Ancheta Sidebar: The Murder of Cha Vang: A Hate Crime? 620 Daniel Phil Gonzales Sidebar: Racial Profiling 627 Mitchel Wu Resource Guide 630 Section 8: Media Section Editors: Valerie Soe, Allan Aquino, and Edith Wen-Chu Chen 633 Portrayals in Film and Television 635 Timothy P. Fong, Valerie Soe, and Allan Aquino Sidebar: Who is Harlemm Lee? 640 Timothy P. Fong and Allan Aquino Directors in Hollywood 651 Valerie Soe Sidebar: Mira Nair 654 Valerie Soe Independent Film 657 Valerie Soe News Coverage 663 Paul Niwa Sidebar: Hurricane Katrina News Coverage 664 Paul Niwa Sidebar: Ethnic Press 668 Paul Niwa Popular Music 673 Allan Aquino Rappers and “Turntablists” 677 Allan Aquino Resource Guide 679 Section 9: Politics Section Editor: Andrew L. Aoki 683 Voting Behavior and Political Participation 685 James S. Lai Asian American Movement 703 Diane C. Fujino xii Contents
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