Timeline of Events in the History of Native American–U.S. Relations 1585 Sir Walter Raleigh sends soldiers and settlers to establish a colony at Roanoke by 1590, the colony has disappeared. 1607 The British establish their first permanent settlement, James- town, among the Powhatans. 1620 The Pilgrims create Plymouth Colony and are greeted by British-speaking Squanto, a Patuxet living with the Wampanoags. Under the leadership of Massasoit, the Wampanoags befriend the Pilgrims. 1636–1637 The Pequot War between the Pequots and the British results in defeat for the Pequots, whose chief, Sassacus, is beheaded by Mohawk allies of the British. 1675–1676 King Philip’s War pits the British against the Wampanoags under Metacom (known by the British as Philip) and their allies, ultimately leading to the killing of Philip and the enslave- ment of hundreds of Wampanoag survivors. 1711–1713 North Carolina Indians, including the Tuscaroras, oppose expanding European settlements, killing about 200 settlers on September 22, 1711. They are later defeated when the British and Indian allies capture the Tuscarora Fort in March 1713 and kill about a thousand Tuscaroras. 1715 British fur traders seize Yamassee women and children in South Carolina in payment for Yamassee debts, leading to the Yamassee War. During this conflict, approximately 400 British people are killed before the arrival of reinforcements forces the Yamassees to flee.
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