vi | Contents Immigration and Customs Enforcement, 305 Sofya Aptekar Immigration and Disability, 321 Douglas C. Baynton Immigration and the Military, 337 Cristina Ioana Dragomir Immigration and Nationality Act (1952)/McCarran-Walter Act, 355 Maddalena Marinari Immigration and the Nazi Era, 369 Jeffrey Scott Demsky Immigration and Politics , 387 Aristide R. Zolberg Volume 2 Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, 409 Jean-Paul R. deGuzman Immigration and Religion, 429 Patrick J. Hayes Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826): “A Right Which Nature Has Given to All Men,” 449 Mary Elizabeth Brown Denis Kearney (1847–1907): “The Chinese Must Go!,” 463 Mary Elizabeth Brown Edward M. Kennedy (1932–2009): Immigration as a Solution to Other Problems , 477 Mary Elizabeth Brown Henry Cabot Lodge (1850–1924): Immigration Restriction as National Policy, 491 Mary Elizabeth Brown Patrick Anthony McCarran (1876– 1954): Cold War Immigration, 505 Mary Elizabeth Brown The Melting Pot versus Tapestry Debate, 519 Alexander I. Stingl Kerby Miller and the Study of the Irish Immigrant in America, 535 Bryan McGovern 9/11 Commission, 549 Philip A. Kretsedemas A. Mitchell Palmer (1872–1936): Red Scare, 565 Mary Elizabeth Brown Joseph Petrosino (1860–1909): International Criminal Conspiracies, 577 Mary Elizabeth Brown Refugees at Oswego, 591 Kathleen R. Warnes Remittances, 613 Łukasz Alban´ski Jacob A. Riis (1849–1914): How the Other Half Lives, 635 Mary Elizabeth Brown Theodore Roosevelt (1858–1919): Race Suicide , 651 Mary Elizabeth Brown Sanctuary Movement, 663 Nicholas Rademacher Alan K. Simpson (1931–): “There Can Be No Perfect Immigration Reform Bill,” 683 Mary Elizabeth Brown John Tanton (1934–): Of Grass and Grassroots , 697 Mary Elizabeth Brown
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