Contents Introduction ix Stephen Butler Murray and Aimée Upjohn Light Chapter One: Religion and Pop Cultures: What Do Seekers Seek? 1 Thomas G. Bandy God and Film Chapter Two: Proving Harry Potter Is Not Heretical: An Investigation into the God of Harry Potter and the Culture of Seekers 19 Danielle Elizabeth Tumminio Chapter Three: Waking the Dead: Zombie Apocalypse, Human Transcendence, and the Question of God 33 Gregory W. Carmer Chapter Four: The Ocean of Forgiveness: Grace and Eschatology in Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life 61 Thomas Cattoi Chapter Five: Men and Their Inner Healing: New Insights from Contemporary Drama and Film 77 Ronald W. Baard Chapter Six: Jesus in the Cinema: The Misrepresentation of the Christ-Figure in Popular Film 99 John Bechtold Chapter Seven: “Stasis Interrupted”: Christianity and Subjectivity in David Fincher’s Alien3 115 Ian McCausland
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