Twenty-five years have passed since the publication of the first edi- tion of Engaging Children’s Minds. The second edition was published in 2000. For this third edition, we are joined by a third co-author, Yvonne Kogan, from Mexico City. We have been working with Kogan for 16 years now, writing, presenting workshops, and speak- ing at conferences together. We have learned much with her and from her through the project work she has supported in her school over the past 16 years. Since those two earlier editions of this book, we have also had extensive worldwide experience of working with teachers who have been implementing the project approach, mainly with preschool and kindergarten children. During that time, it has become clear that teachers of both younger and older children are implementing the project approach effectively with many benefits to the children. In this third edition, we have included a variety of examples of project work undertaken by children within the whole age range from toddlers to the upper elementary school levels. We have also discussed the important influence of the increasingly widely recog- nized practices in the preschools of the city of Reggio Emilia in Italy. Putting our experience and theirs together strengthens our commit- ment to supporting all children’s capacities for query, observation, and representation of their thoughts and ideas in ways their teach- ers can support them. Preface
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