worst terrorist event perpetrated by an American—the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City—is also exam- ined, as is the life of its perpetrator—Timothy McVeigh. The Conclusion will discuss contemporary patriot/militia move- ments and what the presence of these groups means for today and the future. The notion that an “allegiance to liberty” has been the guiding force of patriot groups in both the past and the present will be a major concluding point. NOTES 1. Page, William Tyler. 1917. “The American’s Creed.” April 3, 1918. http://www.ushistory.org/documents/creed.htm. (Accessed June 2, 2013). 2. Black, Eric. 1988. Our Constitution: The Myth that Binds Us. Westview Press, p. 47. 3. Ibid. 4. Ibid., p. 48. 5. Ibid. 6. Straub, Steve. 2012. “Alexander Hamilton, Real Liberty Is Neither Found in Despotism or the Extremes of Democracy, but in Moderate Governments.” July 12. http://www.thefederalistpapers.org/founders/ hamilton/alexander-hamilton-real-liberty-is-neither-found-in-despo- tism-or-the-extremes-of-democracy-but-in-moderate-governments. (Accessed May 21, 2014). 7. Gurr, Ted Robert. 2011. Why Men Rebel. Paradigm Publishers. 8. Kaminski, John P., ed. 2006. The Quotable Jefferson. Princeton University Press, p. 119. 9. “Benjamin Franklin to the Federal Convention.” September 17, 1787. http://press-pubs.uchicago.edu/founders/documents/a7s3.html. (Accessed June 3, 2013). 10. “Thomas Jefferson on Politics and Government Chapter 47: The Military and the Militia.” http://famguardian.org/Subjects/Politics/ thomasjefferson/jeff1480.htm. (Accessed May 25, 2014). 11. Http://www.monticello.org/site/jefferson/beauty-second-amend- ment-quotation. (Accessed July 10, 2013). 12. Kaminski, p. 51. 13. Benson, Ezra Taft. 1987. Ensign. (November). At https://www .lds.org/ensign/1987/11/our-divine-constitution. (Accessed September 1, 2013). Introduction xix
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