Contents Introduction ix Plan of the Book xvi Notes xix Chapter 1: What is A Patriot? 1 Supporter or Factious Disturber? 1 Republicanism and the Patriot 7 Creating the Patriot Magnum Opus—the Road to the Construction of the U.S. Constitution 8 Shays’ Rebellion 9 Portending the Patriot Future: The Federalist–Antifederalist Debate 16 Citizen Jefferson and the Cult of the Constitution 18 After the Fight: Will the Real Patriot Please Stand Up? 28 Who Were the Patriots? 32 Notes 33 Chapter 2: Sowing The Seeds of Discontent 39 The Supreme Court and the Expansion of Federal Power 39 The Missouri Compromise of 1820 41 Enter John C. Calhoun: Defender or Disturber? 43 From Nullification to the Civil War 48 The U.S. Civil War and Its Aftermath 52 Roosevelt and the New Deal 56 Notes 58 Chapter 3: The Creation of The Contemporary Patriot 63 The 1950s: Expansive Government and the Threat of Communism 63
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