viii Contents The 1960s: A “New Frontier” for Social and Political Change 68 Barry Goldwater, John Birch, and the Minutemen 69 The 1970s: The Rise of the Political Left—Patriots in the Extreme 72 The Reasons for Political Violence 92 Notes 94 Chapter 4: Rise: The Inspiration for The New Patriot of The Late 20th Century and Beyond 103 The Breeding Ground for Violence 103 The Common Law Court Movement 106 The Posse Comitatus 109 Shocks to the Liberal Ideal: The Rise of the Political Right 113 The 1980s Farm Crisis 115 Christian Identity 119 The Order (Inspired by The Turner Diaries) 122 The Election of William Jefferson Clinton 128 The New World Order 129 Notes 131 Chapter 5: Striking The Match 139 Ruby Ridge 139 The Branch Davidians and the Siege at Waco 148 The Formation of the Militia of Montana 159 Montana Freemen 163 Michigan Militia 166 The Making of a Patriot: Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City Bombing 171 The 1990s—the Decade of the Patriot 183 Y2K and the Patriot Movement 186 Notes 192 Conclusion: Whither The Patriot? 207 Patriot Place: What Does the 21st Century Hold? 214 They’re Still Here: What’s Out There Today? 218 From Here to There: Whither the Patriot? 231 Notes 233 Index 239
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