Contents Foreword xi Catherine S. Tamis-LeMonda Acknowledgments xiii 1. Introduction: Toward a Pancultural Understanding of Constructions and Meanings of Fathering 1 Jaipaul L. Roopnarine LATIN AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN 2. African–Caribbean Fathers: The Conflict between Masculinity and Fathering 13 Patricia Anderson and Camille Daley 3. Fathering in Brazil 39 Ana M. A. Carvalho, Lucia V. C. Moreira, and Yumi Gosso 4. Fathering in México 63 Alejandra Salguero Velázquez EUROPE AND NORTH AMERICA 5. Contemporary Fatherhood in Sweden: Fathering across Work and Family Life 91 Lars Plantin 6. Fatherhood and Fathering in Eastern Europe 108 Zhanna Kravchenko and Mihaela Robila
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