xxi This book would not have been possible without the major support of our univer- sity colleagues, alumni, and graduate stu- dents at the Department of Disability and Human Development at the University of Illinois at Chicago these generous indi- viduals served as content editors as well as authors of many of the entries. They include Fabricio E. Balcazar, Kate Caldwell, James Charlton, Glenn Fujiura, Brian Grossman, Sandra Magaña, Randall Owen, Kelly Munger-Parrey, Carrie Sandahl, Alyson Patsavas, Hailee Yoshizaki-Gibbons, and Sandy Sufian. Further writing and editing assistance was provided by Anne Bowers and Kaitlin Stober. We also acknowledge the many excellent scholars from around the country who wrote entries. Finally, we thank the editors John Wag- ner and Kevin Hillstrom at ABC-CLIO for their interest in this topic and their encour- agement throughout the process—from conceptualizing the project to producing the final volumes. Acknowledgments
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