This book would not have been pos­si­ble without the contributions of
many dedicated ­ people. First, ­there ­were the contributions of my two pri-
mary research assistants, Kyle Bershok Ames and Taylor Hart-­Bowlan,
both outstanding students at the University of Denver’s Sturm College of
Law, whose contributions ­ were so substantial they are named as authors
of Chapters 4 through 6, and 7 and 8, respectively.
The proj­ect was supported by a small army of dedicated law students,
who enthusiastically volunteered for research assistant duties, meticu-
lously scouring the libraries and databases as well as checking sources
and citations. For this demanding, tedious, and labor-­intensive work they
deserve the most honorable mention: Josephine Bunker, Lindsay Gardner,
Nicholas Gross, Michael Hartman, Megan Herr, Greg Huckaby, Caterina
Lovell, Daniel Woodbridge, Zachary Schiffler, and Sahin Singh, who assisted
Taylor Hart-­Bowlan; and Mathew Spangler, Gracen Short, Mark Kollasch,
Christopher Barbera, Hunter Heidrich, and Lindsey Idelberg, who assisted
Kyle Bershok Ames.
Fi­nally, much thanks to the entire staff at the University of Denver’s
College of Law, who labored diligently assisting in the preparation of the
manuscript, and to Jessica Gribble of ABC-­CLIO, whose scrupulous pri-
mary editing helped tighten the manuscript to a more readable size.
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