Acknowledgments Although the concepts and issues that are addressed in this book are broadly based from the work of many researchers, advocates, and activists in recent decades, the idea for this particular book started in the classroom. During a discussion in a 200 level college course on the psychology of gender, the con- cept of the “War on Women” was raised and through this discussion came two key concepts: (1) Was there an “easier” way to conceptualize and explain multiple levels of explicit and implicit personal, group, and cultural beliefs and norms impacting the opportunity differences based on gender? (2) What was the empirical evidence of the perceived “War on Women” within the United States? From this initial semi-structured (but unplanned) discussion in a college classroom, to initial discussions between the editors, to a pro- posal, to the coordination with contributors, to a fi nal manuscript, this proj- ect has spanned multiple years and has evolved through this process. The editors wish to acknowledge the work of every person cited in the following book as well as each contributor and the undergraduate students, graduate students, coworkers, colleagues, and mentors whose help and sup- port allowed the writing of this work. This work is dedicated to all of those who are in pursuit of excellence and opportunity for all.
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