Transnational Crime and Global Security [2 volumes]

Philip Reicheleditor
Ryan Randaeditor
Transnational Crime and Global Security [2 volumes]



Pages 736
Topics Security Studies

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Transnational Crime and Global Security [2 volumes]

Contributors: Reichel, Philip; Randa, Ryan;

This two-volume work offers a comprehensive examination of the distressing topics of transnational crime and the implications for global security.

• Represents global collaboration among contributors including scholars from respected universities in Europe, North America, and Australia; professionals at public policy research institutes; and researchers at several United Nations entities

• Provides perspectives from contributors of geographic diversity and varied backgrounds that combine to form a global panorama of crime and security topics

• Provides readers a single work to learn about both specific transnational crimes (Volume 1) and efforts to prevent and combat those crimes (Volume 2)

• Prefaces each chapter with an introduction that contextualizes content for closer reading

Editor(s): Reichel, Philip; Randa, Ryan;
SortTitle: transnational crime and global security [2 volumes]
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Philip Reicheleditor
Ryan Randaeditor
eISBN-13: 9781440843181
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Publication Date: 20180131
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