We begin with heartfelt thanks and recognition for their efforts of all the
contributors who authored chapters for these volumes. Each was writing
in an area of his or her expertise, but we understand that a request for an
original contribution always requires significant work, commitment, and
time. We greatly appreciate their willingness to participate in this project.
We also thank the members of the Advisory Board who provided such ex-
cellent suggestions for contributors and often provided introductions that
were very helpful in our recruiting endeavors. Of the many challenges
involved with the preparation of a work such as this, achieving consis-
tency in citation and referencing style is among the most arduous. That
task was eased by the efforts of Angela Collins, who worked competently
and quickly to bring many of the chapters in line with the required style.
Finally, we are especially grateful to Steve Catalano, acquisitions editor at
Praeger Publishers/ABC-CLIO. Throughout the process, Steve provided
helpful suggestions, encouragement, advice, and support. Thank you,
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