Acknowledgments No work of this complexity can come to fruition without the contributions of many people. Padraic (Pat) Carlin invested his personal time and his company’s resources. I thank him for his confidence in me. Robin Tutt is the indispensable core of ABC-CLIO’s editorial operations department. She is much overworked and has a stressful, time-critical job. Nonetheless, she provided me with constant encouragement, for which I am grateful. Thanks to Larry Baker, who managed the editing and proofreading work. He made some notable “catches” that yielded a better product. Archivists labor in obscurity. Without their dedication, historians could not begin to write a sound historical account. I “met” many archivists only via the Internet namely, those who worked at the Colonel Arthur L. Kelly American Veterans Oral History Collection, Louie B. Nunn Cen- ter for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries, Lexington, Kentucky Rutgers Oral History Archives, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey and Special Collections Dept., J. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah. I was fortunate to work personally with Diane Jacob, Virginia Military Institute Archives, Lexington, Virginia. Diane responded efficiently and cheerfully to my inordinate number of requests. Finally, my amanuensis and wife, Roberta Wiener, again cast her well-informed critical judg- ment on my work, and it is better for her interventions. In this world of blame-shifting, I would welcome the opportunity to say that any faults with this work belong to someone else. Alas, I alone am responsible. James R. Arnold
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