Acknowledgments It has taken a global village to write and publish this book. I want to thank my husband, Doug Smith, for keeping me supplied with food, wine, and choco- late in the final days of getting this book to press. I also feel deep gratitude to my family and friends for the much-needed love and laughter that gave me breaks from researching and writing on this grim subject. The scholars who came through with such fine entries deserve special accolades—and certainly have my thanks. A big thank you to senior acquisitions editor Kevin Hillstrom, who asked me back in June 2015 if I would be interested in doing this book. Finally, a special thank you to Patrick Hall, who took over as development edi- tor at ABC-CLIO for this project, and who has been unwaveringly patient and gracious despite many delays, and to Erin Ryan, who helped to get the final manuscript into production.
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