Anyone who has taken on the task of completing a proj­ect of this magnitude rec-
ognizes that it is a joint venture, pos­si­ble only with the contributions of a large
number of ­ people. From the beginning, consulting editors Scott Bennett, Justus
Doenecke, and Valarie Ziegler all provided more support than I could have reason-
ably asked. From shaping the ­table of contents and offering timely feedback to writ-
ing a significant number of the entries, their professional and encouraging manner
is greatly appreciated. I am also clearly indebted to the more than 130 scholars who
have contributed their time and expertise in writing the approximately 375 entries.
Reading their work has been a wonderful education.
Nearly two years ago, James Ciment initially contacted me about taking on this
proj­ect and, despite the occasional anxious moment, I am happy that he did. The
staff members at ABC-­CLIO have been consistently supportive. Development Edi-
tor John Wagner maintained just the right amount of direction and communica-
tion throughout, and the overall result is stronger for his contribution. Proj­ect
Coordinator Barbara Patterson was particularly helpful in negotiating the online
Author Center and alleviating communication issues with the many authors
involved. Pat Carlin in editorial development and the marketing team did a nice
job in creating an appealing cover.
My academic home in the Central Michigan University history department facil-
itated the timely completion of the encyclopedia. A sabbatical leave in the 2016
fall semester came at the perfect time to get me within sight of the finish line. In
addition, two members of our office staff made impor­tant contributions. Gina Weare
was largely responsible for getting the proj­ect Web site up and ­running effectively,
which proved extremely useful. Aleah Bell helped compile the chronology and
assisted with additional clerical duties while completing her MA degree in history.
Professionals across the country generously provided research assistance. Wendy
Chmielewski of the Swarthmore College Peace Collection was a ­great asset in
answering questions and offering suggestions. Emma Taylor of the Peace and Jus-
tice Resource Center and Renata Kalnins of the Andover–­Harvard Theological
Library delivered prompt ser­vice in clarifying details from their institutions.
As always, my wife, Ann, encouraged me and kept me from becoming exces-
sively absorbed in my work. She reminds me daily of how good life can be. Fi­nally,
I cannot overlook the contributions of three ­ others. George Herring was my advi-
sor at the University of Kentucky and remains a lifelong friend. The late Charles
DeBenedetti drew me into the field of peace history through his scholarship and
his early advice. An accomplished historian, the late Charles Chatfield was a con-
stant source of inspiration and a most generous soul.
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