Every day, the public is bombarded with information on developments in
medicine and health care. Whether it is on the latest techniques in treat-
ment or research, or on concerns over public health threats, this informa-
tion directly affects the lives of people more than almost any other issue.
Although there are many sources for understanding these topics—from
websites and blogs to newspapers and magazines—students and ordinary
citizens often need one resource that makes sense of the complex health
and medical issues affecting their daily lives.
The Health and Medical Issues Today series provides just such a one-
stop resource for obtaining a solid overview of the most controversial
areas of health care in the 21st century. Each volume addresses one topic
and provides a balanced summary of what is known. These volumes pro-
vide an excellent first step for students and lay people interested in under-
standing how health care works in our society today.
Each volume is broken into several sections to provide readers and
researchers with easy access to the information they need:
Section provides overview chapters on background information—
including chapters on such areas as the historical, scientific, medical,
social, and legal issues involved—that a citizen needs to intelligently
understand the topic.
Section II provides capsule examinations of the most heated contem-
porary issues and debates, and analyzes in a balanced manner the
viewpoints held by various advocates in the debates.
Section III provides case studies that show examples of the concepts
discussed in the previous sections.
Series Foreword
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