Series Foreword ix
Preface xi
Acknowledgments xv
Part I:  Overview of the Body Size and Health Debate 1
1 Changing Shape of the Ideal Body throughout
the 20th Century 3
2 Health and Body Mass Index (BMI) 21
3 Rates of Obesity and Targeted Prevention Efforts 41
4 Consequences of How Overweight and Obese Are
Treated and Viewed by Society 65
5 Health at Every Size® 87
Part II:  Controversies and Issues 97
6 Body Image and Happiness: Should We Be Focused on
Body Shape and Size? 99
7 Can Overweight or Obese Bodies Really Be Healthy? 109
8 Is Personal Choice a Relevant Argument for Body Size? 133
9 Applications of Health at Every Size® 149
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