Acknowl­edgments xi
Introduction xiii
Introduction to the Second Edition xix
Part One  Storytelling: A Tale of Two Generations
Chapter 1 Storytelling for the 21st ­Century 3
Chapter 2 The First Wave of Digital Storytelling 17
Chapter 3 The Next Wave of Digital Storytelling Platforms 29
Part Two  New Platforms for Tales and Telling
Chapter 4 Storytelling with the Technology Formerly
Known as Web 2.0 47
Chapter 5 Social Media Storytelling 81
Chapter 6 Gaming: Storytelling on a Small Scale 97
Chapter 7 Gaming: Storytelling on a Large Scale 115
Part Three Combinatorial Storytelling; or, The Dawn
of New Narrative Forms
Chapter 8 No Story Is a Single ­ Thing; or, The Networked
Book 131
Chapter 9 Mobile Devices: The Birth of New Designs for
Small Screens 143
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