For stories and ideas: Bret Boessen, Thomas Burkdall, Annette S. L. Evans,
Steven Kaye, Gail Matthews-­DeNatale, Peter Naegele, Ruben Puentedura,
Geoff Scranton, Mike Sellers, Ed Webb, and Middlebury College folk Jason
Mittell and Hector Vila, the latter for inviting the Center for Digital Story-
telling to teach a workshop and encouraging me to attend; this book owes
much to that dual invitation.
Tobin Siebers for getting me to think about the uses of nonfiction stories.
The superb Twitter and Facebook hordes: pfanderson, rivenhomewood,
KathrynTomasek, j_breitenbucher, and all.
Blog commentators Andy Havens, Steve Kaye, D’Arcy Norman, H. Pierce,
and more. Infocult is in your debt.
For teaching inspiration: my two genius co-­teachers Bret Olsen and
Doug Reilly.
For ­ every kind of collaboration, from coauthoring to teaching, inspira-
tion to scheming: my wise and playful teachers Barbara Ganley and Alan
For all kinds of support and tolerance over many years: my NITLE col-
leagues. And especially the many NITLE workshop participants, in all their
energy, creativity, and generosity.
For helping me through the pro­cess of writing the book: Raymond Yee.
Howard Rheingold for endless inspiration and guidance.
For the second edition, many of ­these co-­conspirators continue to give
generously of their thoughts and practice.
I would like to thank the StoryCenter crew, led by the very ­great Joe
Lambert, for not only kicking off their digital storytelling movement, but
also for putting up with my questions and brooding.
My ­ family has pointed out many new stories and movements which I
might other­wise have missed.
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