Many impor­tant ­people contributed professionally to this research endeavor.
I thank Alicia Merritt from Praeger/ABC-­CLIO for contacting me about this
proj­ect, and Jessica Gribble for being a ­ great help and encouragement along
the way. I thank our editorial board members for recruiting authors, review-
ing manuscripts, and submitting their own work for this proj­ect. The board
members are Harry Dammer, University of Scranton; Michael Hallett, Univer-
sity of North Florida; Byron Johnson, Baylor University; Jodi Lane, University
of Florida; and Todd Matthews, Cabrini College. Thanks to my gradu­ate
research assistant, Illandra Denysschen, for extensive proofreading, locating
resources, and making sure the manuscript format was consistent. Fi­nally,
I thank my amazing administrative assistant, Mrs. Cathy Moseley, for helping
me stay or­ ga ­ nized and anticipating the time and effort needed to complete this
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