Preface xi
Acknowl­edgments xiii
Introduction xv
Kent R. Kerley
Part One Perspectives on Religion in Prison Settings
Chapter 1 Faith and Ser­vice: Pathways to Identity Transformation
and Correctional Reform 3
Byron R. Johnson, Grant Duwe, Michael Hallett, Joshua
Hays, Sung Joon Jang, Matthew T. Lee, Maria E. Pagano,
and Stephen G. Post
Chapter 2 Religion and Desistance: Working with Sexual and
Violent Offenders 24
Christian Perrin, Nicholas Blagden, Belinda Winder, and
Christine Norman
Chapter 3 Religious Rites and Rights of Prisoners in the
United States 42
Janet Moreno and Kent R. Kerley
Chapter 4 “We Serve Forgotten Men”: Structural Charity versus
Religious Freedom in Serving Ex-­Offenders 58
Michael Hallett and Megan R. Bookstaver
Chapter 5 A Theological Critique of the “Correctional” System 73
Andrew Skotnicki
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