viii Contents
Part Two Religion in Prison in the United States
Chapter 6 Religion and Prison Vio­lence 93
Benjamin ­ Meade and Riane M. Bolin
Chapter 7 The Effects of Religion on the Prisonization of
Incarcerated Juveniles in Faith-­Based Facilities 120
Lonn Lanza-­Kaduce, Jodi Lane, and Kristen Benedini
Chapter 8 Religion Postprison: Roles Faith Played in Colson
Scholars’ Convict-­to-­Collegian Transition 145
Judith A. Leary
Chapter 9 Prison, Religion, and Conversion: The Prisoner’s
Narrative Experience 171
Malcolm L. Rigsby
Chapter 10 Reading Scripture in Exile: Favorite Scriptures
among Maximum-­Security Inmates Participating in
Prison Seminary Programs 196
Joshua Hays
Chapter 11 Backgrounds and Motivations of Prison Chaplains 214
Andrew S. Denney
Chapter 12 Restrictions on Inmate Freedom of Religious
Practice: A National and International Perspective 244
Jason Jolicoeur and Erin Grant
Part Three Religion in Prison outside the United States
Chapter 13 Faith Provision, Institutional Power, and Meaning
among Muslim Prisoners in Two En­glish
High-­Security Prisons 269
Ryan J. Williams and Alison Liebling
Chapter 14 Breaking the Prison-­Jihadism Pipeline: Prison and
Religious Extremism in the War on Terror 292
Gabriel Rubin
Chapter 15 Orthodox Judaism as a Pathway to Desistance:
A Study of Religion and Reentry in Israeli Prisons 325
Elly Teman and Michal Morag
Chapter 16 Religious Diversity in Swiss and Italian Prisons:
Combining Institutional and Inmate Perspectives 345
Irene Becci, Mohammed Khalid Rhazzali, and
Valentina Schiavinato
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