v Contents Volume 1 Acknowledgments ix Introduction: Public Feelings and Youth Sexualities xi Susan Talburt Part 1 Public Feelings and Their Recirculations Chapter 1 A History of Constructions of Child and Youth Sexualities: Innocence, Vulnerability, and the Construction of the Normative Citizen Subject 3 Kerry H. Robinson and Cristyn Davies Chapter 2 “Sissy” Boys and the Pathologization of Gender Nonconformity 31 Diana Kuhl and Wayne Martino Chapter 3 “Young People,” Publics, and Counterpublics in School-Based Education on Gender and Sexuality: An Australian Story 61 Mary Lou Rasmussen and Deana Leahy Chapter 4 The Affective Birth of “Jihadi Bride” as New Risky Sexualized “Other”: Muslim Schoolgirls and Media Panic in an Age of Counterterrorism 83 Shiva Zarabadi and Jessica Ringrose
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