Books in the Contemporary World Issues series address vital issues in today’s society such as genetic engineering, pollu- tion, and biodiversity. Written by professional writers, schol- ars, and nonacademic experts, these books are authoritative, clearly written, up-to-date, and objective. They provide a good starting point for research by high school and college students, scholars, and general readers as well as by legislators, business- people, activists, and others. Each book, carefully organized and easy to use, contains an overview of the subject, a detailed chronology, biographical sketches, facts and data and/or documents and other primary source material, a forum of authoritative perspective essays, annotated lists of print and nonprint resources, and an index. Readers of books in the Contemporary World Issues series will find the information they need in order to have a better understanding of the social, political, environmental, and eco- nomic issues facing the world today.
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