viii Contents The International Scene, 32 Legislation in Support of Same-Sex Marriage, 34 Western Europe, 34 Other Regions of the World, 37 Data and Statistics, 42 Public Opinion, 44 The Future of Same-Sex Marriage, 46 References, 47 2 Problems, Issues, and Solutions, 59 Introduction, 59 Same‑Sex Marriage in Judeo‑Christian History, 61 Rome and the Middle Ages, 65 Traditional Marriage, 71 Nontraditional Marriage in Western Culture, 75 Same-Sex Marriage: Arguments Pro and Con, 80 Arguments in Opposition to Same-Sex Marriage, 81 Arguments in Favor of Same-Sex Marriage, 94 The Status of Same-Sex Marriage in the United States, 100 After Obergefell v. Hodges, 103 Was Obergefell Correct?, 103 What Protection Is There for Individual Religious Beliefs?, 105 What about Other Protections for LGBT?, 107
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