List of Reference Entries
and Documents
Reference Entries
August Revolution
castor, Operation
Cogny, René
de Castries, Christian Marie
Dien Bien Phu, ­ Battle of
Elysée Agreement
Fontainebleau Conference
French Foreign Legion in Indochina
French Indochina, 1860s–1946
Geneva Conference and Geneva Accords
of 1954
Groupement Mobile 100, Destruction of
Ho Chi Minh
Lattre de Tassigny, Jean de
lorraine, Operation
Mendès-­France, Pierre
Military Assistance and Advisory Group,
Na San, ­ Battle of
Navarre, Henri Eugène
United States, Involvement in Indochina
through 1954
Viet Minh
Vo Nguyen Giap
Viet­nam­ese Declaration of In­de­pen­dence, September 2, 1945
Ho Chi Minh: Letter to President Harry S. Truman, October 17, 1945
Ho Chi Minh: Declaration of the Policy of the Provisional Co­ ali ­ tion Government, ­
January 1, 1946
Preliminary Franco–­Viet Minh Convention, March 6, 1946 [Excerpts]
Ho Chi Minh: Letter to Compatriots in Nam Bo, May 31, 1946
Ho Chi Minh: Reply at Luncheon Given by French Premier Georges Bidault, July 2,
Ho Chi Minh: Proclamation to the ­ People upon His Return from France ­after Nego-
tiations, October 23, 1946
National Security Council Paper No. 64, 1950
Paper on Military Aid for Indochina by a Working Group in the Department of State,
February 1, 1950 [Excerpts]
President Harry S. Truman: Statement Announcing Direct U.S. Military Aid to Indo-
china, June 27, 1950
Ho Chi Minh: Report to the National Assembly, December 1, 1953 [Excerpts]
Final Declaration of the Geneva Conference on Indochina, July 21, 1954
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