Foreword: The Sharing Economy ix
Russell Belk
Part One  The Sharing Economy: How Did We Arrive Here?
Chapter 1 Introduction: Sharing in Modern Societies 3
B. Yasanthi Perera and Pia A. Albinsson
Chapter 2 Precursors to the Sharing Economy: Cooperatives 9
Isobel M. Findlay
Chapter 3 When Sharing Was a Necessity: A Historical
Perspective of Collaborative Consumption
in East Germany 29
Marco Wolf and Wendy Ritz
Chapter 4 Societal Factors and the Emergence of the
Sharing Economy 51
Katharina Hellwig, Marlyne Sahakian,
and Felicitas Morhart
Part Two  Technology: A Facilitator of Modern-Day Sharing
Chapter 5 Online Technology as a Driver of Sharing 75
John Harvey, Andrew Smith, and David Golightly
Chapter 6 Mapping the Collaborative Economy Landscape
and Its Relationship with Information and
Communication Technologies 97
Andreas Kamilaris and Francesc X. Prenafeta-Boldú
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