Contents Acknowledgments vii Chapter 1 Introduction 1 Ty S. Schepis Chapter 2 Opioids 6 Gregory B. Castelli and Winfred T. Frazier Chapter 3 Stimulants 31 Christian J. Teter, Marcus Zavala, and Linh Tran Chapter 4 Benzodiazepines 47 Michael Weaver Chapter 5 Misuse and Abuse of Over-the-Counter Medicines 69 Richard Cooper Chapter 6 Nonmedical Prescription Drug Use in Adolescents and Young Adults 83 Lian-Yu Chen, Alexander S. Perlmutter, Luis Segura, Julian Santaella-Tenorio, Julia P. Schleimer, Mariel Mendez, Lilian Ghandour, Magdalena Cerdá, and Silvia S. Martins Chapter 7 Misuse of Prescription Drugs among Young Adults 115 Mark Pawson and Brian C. Kelly Chapter 8 Prescription Drug Misuse in Older Adults 133 Yu-Ping Chang Chapter 9 Opioids: Misuse and Guideline-Concordant Use in Pain Management 150 William C. Becker and Joanna L. Starrels Chapter 10 Opioids in the Emergency Setting 164 Travis L. Hase and Francesca L. Beaudoin
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