Acknowledgments It should probably go without saying that the completion and publication of a book such as this is impossible without a host of individuals who contrib- ute, and no one is more aware of this than I am, as editor. Nonetheless, please allow me to reiterate: the completion and publication of this book would not have been possible without the authors who submitted thoughtful and well-researched chapters, the editorial and production staff at Praeger/ ABC-Clio, and the support of colleagues and family. I am truly indebted to each of them for their help with this project. First, I am grateful for the contributions of every author to this volume. Enclosed within this book is the work of a truly staggering number of tal- ented researchers and clinicians who work daily to reduce the societal toll of prescription misuse. Perhaps more importantly, every author I interacted with was helpful, thoughtful, and quick to reply—all of which are appreci- ated by a stressed editor. While easy to overlook, I would strongly urge you to spend some time reading the author biographies in the “About the Authors” section of this book. It was particularly gratifying to me that individuals were included from such a variety of academic and clinical disciplines and across a wide span of career stages. Chapter authors are not just the current authorities on prescription misuse, as many students, who are the future of the field, were included as coauthors on chapters. For their time and effort, I want to sincerely thank the authors of the chapters in this book. I believe our book (and it is most certainly our book) is a substantive contribution to the emerging literature on prescription misuse. In addition, I want to thank Praeger/ABC-Clio for approaching me to serve as the editor of this book. When I accepted this challenge over two years ago, I had little idea of what I was truly getting into. The fact that I both survived and helped produce a strong book is due in no small part to the help and guidance I received from the staff at Praeger/ABC-Clio. My thanks also go out to these staff members for their help in shepherding a novice editor through his first book.
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