Contents Chapter 1 Introduction: Religion in Cyberspace 1 August E. Grant and Daniel A. Stout Chapter 2 Posting, Sharing, and Religious Testifying: New Rituals in the Online Religious Environment 11 Kris Boyle, Jared Hansen, and Spencer Christensen Chapter 3 From Facebook to Instagram: The Role of Social Media in Religious Communities 27 Lee Farquhar Chapter 4 Cultural Communities of Religion in the Digital Landscape 47 Cecile S. Holmes Chapter 5 Artificial Intelligence: Its Future Uses in Religious Compassion 57 Amanda F. C. Sturgill Chapter 6 Salvation by Algorithm: When Big Data Meets God 67 Heidi D. Blossom, Jeffrey S. Wilkinson, Alexander Gorelik, and Stephen D. Perry Chapter 7 Spiritual Bazaars and Marketplaces of Faith: Beliefnet and the Lifestyle Branding of Religion in the Digital Age 84 Cheryl A. Casey Chapter 8 The Internet as Religion: How Online Media Is Altering Worship and Belief among Catholic Priests 97 Brian Altenhofen
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