xii | Series Foreword Music and Dance Food Leisure and Sports Media and Popular Culture Each entry concludes with a list of cross references and Further Readings, pointing readers to additional print and electronic resources that might prove useful. Following the chapters are appendices, including “A Day in the Life” feature, which depicts “typical” days in the lives of people living in that country, from students to farmers to factory workers to stay-at-home and working mothers. A Glossary, Facts and Figures section, and Holidays chart round out the appendices. Volumes include a Selected Bibliography, as well as sidebars that are scattered throughout the text. The volumes in the Understanding Modern Nations series are not intended to be comprehensive compendiums about every nation of the world, but instead are meant to serve as introductory texts for readers, examining key topics from major countries studied in the high school curriculum as well as important transitioning countries that make headlines daily. It is our hope that readers will gain an understanding and appreciation for cultures and histories outside of their own.
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