AAA Argentine Anticommunist Alliance
AD Demo­cratic Action (Venezuela)
ALBA Bolivarian Alliance for the ­ Peoples of Our Amer­i­ca
APRA American Popu­lar Revolutionary Alliance (Peru)
CAEM Center for Advanced Military Studies (Peru)
CDR Committee for the Defense of the Revolution (Cuba)
CDS Sandinista Defense Committee (Nicaragua)
CELS Center for ­Legal and Social Studies (Argentina)
CIA Central Intelligence Agency (United States)
COMECON Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (Soviet Bloc)
DINA Directorate of National Intelligence (Chile)
DR Revolutionary Directorate (Cuba)
ELN Army of National Liberation (Colombia)
ERP­ People’s Revolutionary Army (Argentina)
EZLN Zapatista National Liberation Army (Mexico)
FALN Armed Forces of National Liberation (Venezuela)
FAO Broad Opposition Front (Nicaragua)
FAR Rebel Armed Forces (Guatemala)
FARC Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia
*  This list includes only the acronyms that appear in the text more than once.
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