Acknowl­edgments ix
Acronyms xi
Introduction: The Cuban Revolution and Latin Amer­i­ca xiii
Part One Revolution in Cuba
Chapter 1 Fidel Castro’s Road to Power, 1952–1959 3
Chapter 2 Cuba: The Making of a Revolution 21
Part Two The Promise and Threat of Hemispheric Revolution
Chapter 3 Fidelismo and the Radicalization of Latin American
Politics 41
Chapter 4 U.S. Responses to Revolution 61
Part Three Guerrilla Warfare
Chapter 5 Che’s Way: Rural Guerrilla Warfare 81
Chapter 6 ­ After Che: Urban Guerrilla Warfare 101
Part Four Three Truncated Revolutions
Chapter 7 The Peruvian Military Revolution, 1968–1975 121
Chapter 8 Chile ­Under Allende, 1970–1973: A Peaceful
Road to Socialism? 141
Chapter 9 The Sandinista Revolution in Nicaragua,
1979–1990 163
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