Acknowledgments There are countless people I need to thank for contributing, both directly and indirectly, to this second edition of Kids, Sports, and Concussion: A Guide for Coaches and Parents. First and foremost, I thank the athletes, patients, and health care providers at the Micheli Center for Sports Injury Prevention and the Division of Sports Medicine of Boston Children’s Hospital, from whom I learn every day. I have been honored to care for thousands of athletes during my career. I am grateful to each and every one, particularly those who were kind enough to describe their experiences and offer their insights to those who read this book: Amanda Giambanco, Laura Schissler, Alyssa Paul, and Char- lie Cook. I am particularly grateful to Maureen Cook, MD, who has offered a heartfelt and insightful look into the experiences of a parent determining whether or not to allow her son to participate in collision sports after sustain- ing a number of concussions. Since founding the Sports Concussion Clinic, it has expanded dramatically and currently offers clinic appointments six days a week in five Boston Chil- dren’s Hospital locations. I am grateful to all of the physicians who contribute to the clinic including Pierre d’Hemecourt, Andrea Stracciolini, Cynthia Stein, Mike Beasley, Ellen Geminiani, Bridget Quinn, Kate Ackerman, Joanna Fraser, Leslie Milne, Sarah Jackson, and especially Michael J. O’Brien, MD, who took over as director in 2013. I remain grateful to Lyle J. Micheli, MD, Chief of the Division of Sports Medicine, who allows us to continue both our clinical care and research efforts under his guidance. In addition, we have many collabo- rators in multiple departments who help us care for patients, including Mark Proctor, Alex Taylor, Karameh Kuemmerle, Jacob Brodsky, Bob Wolff, Aparna Raghuram, Ankoor Shah, Alyssa Lebel, Anna Minster, Celiane Rey-Casserly, Michel Fayad, David Fogelman, Ellen Grant, Regina Laine, Donna Nimec, Rebecca Stevens, Robert Tasker, Danielle Thurston, Sharon Chirban, Laura Moretti, Emily Pluhar, Elspeth Hart, Sara Cline, Jackie Murphy, Steph Burgess, Michele Flannery, Casey Gavin, Meghan Keating, Betsy Kramer, Mariah Mul- len, Stacey Murphy, Emily Hanson, Shannon Savage, Lizanne Barone, and
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