Contents Foreword by Lyle J. Micheli, MD ix Acknowledgments xi Introduction xv 1. What Is a Concussion? 1 2. Sport-Related Concussion: How Common It Is 19 3. Risk Factors for Concussion: What Factors Are Associated with an Increased Risk of Sustaining a Concussion or Suffering a Long Recovery? 31 4. Sports Equipment: Helmets, Mouth Guards, and Concussion Prevention 37 5. New Medical Information: Why Concussion Is Taken So Seriously Now 47 6. “Neuropsychological” or “Neurocognitive” Testing: What It Is and Which Athletes Should Have It 59 7. The Acute Assessment and Management of Sport-Related Concussion: What Happens When an Athlete Sustains a Concussion 67 8. Potential Therapies: What Can Be Done to Help an Athlete Recover 87 9. Assessing Recovery from Concussion: When Is It Safe for an Athlete to Return to Sports ? 103 10. The Ethical Considerations of Sports Participation: Should Children Be Allowed to Play a Sport That Carries a High-Risk of Concussion? 117
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