xv Acknowledgments Many thanks are due to those who contributed to the writing of this book. To my colleagues in the English department at Kutztown University, particularly my Journal of Dracula Studies’ co-editor and dear friend, Curt Herr, thank you for your generous support and encouragement. To graduate student and research assistant James Carraghan, thank you for your efforts in locating and transcribing primary documents. To the Rohrbach Library staff of Kutztown University, thank you for the support and resources that you provide. Faculty research would be impos- sible without you. To my editors at ABC-CLIO/Greenwood, especially George Butler, Erin Ryan, and Gordon Hammy Matchado, thank you for your patience, insight, and assistance in bringing this project to fruition. Finally, to my family, my unending gratitude for your unconditional love and support.
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