Acknowledgments Author Ken would like to thank his daughter MacKenzie, his special friend Andrea Fields, and her very special daughter Anayah Dotson for their support throughout this process. Author Larry would like to thank his wife, Vivian, for her support and the application of her prodigious proofreading skills. Both authors would like also to thank their colleagues and associates who commented wisely on the entire manuscript or its parts—Dan Sullivan, Tom Garman, Houston Smith, Dan Bowling, Hyman Darling, Rosalie Kane, and Barry Jacobs—and the professionals at ABC-CLIO who brought the manuscript to fruition—Hilary Clagett, Bridget Austiguy-Preschel, and Erin Ryan. Finally, both authors would like to thank all those families over the years who shared with us their joys and struggles and made us a part of their lives. For all that you have taught us, we appreciate you more than we can say.
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