xiii This book would not have happened without the extensive work of Marian Pera- les, editorial manager of Race and Ethnicity and American History at ABC-CLIO. Her suggestions, input, and assembling of the treaties and essays make this volume most useful. I am also grateful for the Marketing Department for creating the cover of the book and promoting it. I am appreciative of Nicole Azze, production editor, and Allison Nadeau, media editor, at ABC-CLIO for their assistance in making this a better volume. I appreciate the help and guidance from Gordon Matchado, senior project manager. At Arizona State University, I am grateful for the support from the ASU Foundation, which sponsors my distinguished professorship of History, and for being a leading university that supports scholarship in American Indian history. I am appreciative of Bridget Groat, my research assistant, who helped in the last stage of this project. I am especially thankful to my fiancée, Michelle Martin, for her encouragement and the support from my son Keytha, who has grown up in a house full of books and now appreciates Indian treaties. I want to acknowledge my four tribes—the Shawnees, Sac and Fox, Seminoles, and Muscogee Creeks—who have signed 72 treaties with the United States, were removed to Indian Territory, and rebuilt their nations. Finally, I would like to dedicate this book to my former graduate students and current graduate students. Acknowledgments
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