Contents Introduction Understanding the Unpre­ce­dented 2016 Campaign: Two Historical Candidacies Yield an Unexpected Result 1 Benjamin R. Warner and Dianne G. Bystrom Part One Media Coverage Chapter 1 Selective Exposure and Homophily During the 2016 Presidential Campaign 21 Natalie Jomini Stroud and Jessica R. Collier Chapter 2 What Mobilizes Partisans? Exploring the Under­lying Pathways Between Partisan Media and Po­liti­cal Participation 40 Heesook Choi, Benjamin R. Warner, and Freddie J. Jennings Chapter 3 Media Event Influence in the 2016 Race: The Debates, Trump Groping Tape, and the Last-­Minute FBI Announcement 61 Esther Thorson, Samuel M. Tham, Weiyue Chen, and Vamsi Kanuri Chapter 4 The Rhe­toric of Impossible Expectations: Media Coverage of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 General Election Campaign 87 Kristina Horn Sheeler Chapter 5 Depends on Who Is Asking: An Endorsement Experiment During the 2016 Presidential Election 105 Kalyca Becktel and Kaye D. Sweetser Chapter 6 Attributions of Incivility in Presidential Campaign News 115 Ashley Muddiman
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