Acknowledgments I wish to thank my editor, Jessica Gribble, for her guidance, encouragement, and support throughout the writing and publication process. I would also like to thank Dr. Kenneth D. Crews, Donna Ferullo, and Kevin L. Smith for their tireless patience in answering my many questions when I began learn- ing about U.S. copyright law and for their continued friendship and support over the years. There are many wonderful copyright librarians I have come to know throughout my career who have generously shared their knowledge with me and who work diligently to help educate our professional commu- nity and patrons about the law. They are too numerous to list here, but they know who they are. Thank you. A special thanks to those colleagues who reviewed my manuscript and provided feedback on it. They include Brandon Butler, Director of Informa- tion Policy at the University of Virginia Library Sara Benson, Copyright Librarian for the University of Illinois Library Carrie Russell, Director of Public Policy and Advocacy for the American Library Association Tom Lipinski, Dean and Professor, School of Information Studies, University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee and Donna Ferullo, Interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Director, University Copyright Office. A special thanks to Ana Enriquez, Scholarly Communications Outreach Librarian for Penn State University Libraries, for reviewing my final drafts. This book benefitted tremendously from their thoughtful suggestions and recommendations! Professionally, I would not be where I am today without the guidance and mentorship of some fabulous folks, including Phyllis O’Connor, Kyle Pass- more, Melanie Smith, Christina Martinez, Teri Switzer, Elias Tzoc, and Jerome Conley. I thank them all for taking a chance on me. I draw so much strength and inspiration from my family and am always grateful for their love and support.
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