The Vikings: Facts and Fictions

Kirsten Wolfauthor
Tristan Mueller-Vollmerauthor
The Vikings: Facts and Fictions



Pages 200
Topics World History

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

The Vikings: Facts and Fictions

Author(s): Wolf, Kirsten; Mueller-Vollmer, Tristan;
Contributors: Wolf, Kirsten; Mueller-Vollmer, Tristan;

This book explores 11 popular misconceptions about the Vikings. Each chapter looks at a particular misconception, examines how it became popular, discusses what we now believe to be the truth, and provides excerpts from primary source documents.

• Examines popular misconceptions about the Vikings

• Discusses how misconceptions became popular, providing historical truths contradicting the fictions

• Provides excerpts from primary source documents to help readers to understand the transmission of the fictions and to provide evidence for the historical truths

• Directs readers to additional print and electronic resources on the Vikings in suggestions for further reading

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Keyword(s): World History
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Kirsten Wolfauthor
Tristan Mueller-Vollmerauthor
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