Contents Tables and Boxes ix Introduction xi Chapter 1 An Overview of U.S. Immigration Policy Making 1 Introduction: The Importance of Immigration and Religion in America 1 The Waves of Immigration 5 Established Religions, Newcomers, and Religious Freedom 7 The Six Phases of Immigration Policy Making 13 Conclusion 28 Chronology 28 References 42 Chapter 2 The Open Door Era, 1820–1880 47 Introduction: Religious Motivation in Colonial Immigration 47 Religious Infl uences on Early American Politics 48 Religious/Ethnic Groups in the Old Immigrant Wave 51 Nativist Political Reaction to Changing Immigration and Their Policy Demands 69 Conclusion 84 References 86 Chapter 3 The Door Ajar Phase, 1880–1920 93 Introduction: The Change in Immigrant Waves 93 The New Immigrant Wave: Changing Flow, Changing Laws 96 Italian Immigrants 98 Greek Immigrants 103
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