x Contents Conclusion, 44 References, 44 2 Problems, Controversies, and Solutions, 55 Why Is Some Income Inequality to Be Expected?, 55 Inequality of Earned Income, 57 Inequality of Unearned Income, 64 The Equalizing Effects of Transfer Income and Taxes, 68 Why Has the Distribution of Income Become More Unequal Over Time?, 71 Why Is “Too Much” Inequality a Social Problem?, 76 What Are Some Potential Solutions to Income Inequality?, 79 Conclusion, 89 References, 89 3 Perspectives, 101 Promoting Early Childhood Education to Address Inequality and Opportunity, 102 Alison Baulos Michael Tubbs and Universal Basic Income, 107 Robert S. Rycroft The Answer to America’s Ineffective Welfare System? A Universal Basic Income, 111 Leah Hamilton An Immigrant’s Story, 116 Robert S. Rycroft
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