Acknowledgments Thank-you to the librarians whose contributions fill these pages for shar- ing their innovative, thoughtful ways of engaging students in learning and inspiring us to keep working to better our instruction. Thank-you also to our collaborators, Sue Carson, Vinicius Lima, and Mark Schaub for thinking deeply about information literacy and reenvisioning your courses. We are truly appreciative of all those who attended our presenta- tions on high-impact practices at ALA, ACRL, and AIGA Design Educa- tors Annual Conferences. The questions we received offered insight into how our projects could be adapted to different situations and on different campuses, ideas that definitely improved how we ultimately conveyed our stories in writing. Thank-you to Matthew Reidsma for his technical and graphics help when Gayle so desperately needed it. We’re grateful to Mer- inda Kaye Hensley for agreeing to write our foreword. Having spent so long with our own ideas, reading and rereading our own words and the words of our colleagues near and far, we are thankful to have someone with the knowledge and understanding of the importance of our work to introduce it to our readers. A considerable thank-you goes to Jessica Grib- ble, our editor, for her advice, guidance, and patience with us as we navi- gated the author/editor journey and asked countless questions over email. Thank-you to all our GVSU Libraries colleagues for their professional support, ideas, friendship, and commitment to students. And thank-you to our students, who are filled with hope and an intent to make the world better and who inspire us again and again. We look forward to sharing with and learning from all of you.
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